How can we help you with migration?

Streamline and upgrade the tools your company uses on a daily basis.

Replace legacy application technologies embedded on servers kept in server rooms with flexible, scalable and cost-effective computing power in the Cloud. Reduce IT costs and accelerate innovation.

There are many compelling reasons to conduct a migration process. Start with a well-developed plan and access to expert knowledge. The key to success here is choosing the right partner. Choose APN Promise, an expert in digital technologies, active on the market for 30 years. We are closely associated with Microsoft technologies. We possess advanced Microsoft specialisations, which are a proof of our expertise. We have observed and taken part in the development of cloud technologies since the beginning. Over the decades, our engineers and developers have gained knowledge through the implementation of many successful projects.

Our experts will guide your organisation through the journey to the cloud, assisting you at every stage, including planning, implementation and environment management.

What does the migration process look like?


Assessment of migration to the cloud

We will help you catalogue your organisation’s application stack and recommend which applications can be migrated at what stage, and which, for instance, need to be built from scratch using newer technologies. At the end of the assessment, you will receive a comprehensive report on your applications, profiled for migration to the cloud.

Choosing the right migration method

We will select the right migration method for each application.

  • Rehost
  • Refactor
  • Revise
  • Rebuild
  • Replace
Planning of the migration process

Together with the customer, we develop a precise plan for the migration process.


Preparation for migration

Using our knowledge, we prepare all the necessary elements needed to start the migration.

Migration process

We carry out or support you in the actual process of moving your application to the cloud.

Iterative upgrading

When version 1.0 is running, we assist you in making further changes.

Configuration of all services

Our experts configure all environments and services so they can be used in the best possible way and operate correctly as expected.


Supervising environments

We offer an administrative support service foryour organisation for managing your cloud environment.

Optimising environments

We observe your environment on an ongoing basisand point to areas where there is room for optimisation – both technological andfinancial,which is the monthly fees you pay.