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When migrating resources, it is recommended to start with an assessment of the infrastructure condition, which will result in defining the scope of the migration project. In the next step, we prepare design documentation and then implement the resource migration project in accordance with the adopted model.

The project can be financed under the Azure Migration Program, of which Promise Group is an active partner. The Promise team has the required competences and experience in projects in this area. This is confirmed with Microsoft specialization “Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure”, obtained in 2020.

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How does the migration process look like?

Assessment – analysis of the environment before migrating to the cloud (or of infrastructure resources that are planned to be migrated)

We will analyze the environment to assess: performance and the possibility of migration to the cloud. The analyzed resources will be categorized and a migration model will be proposed (including if and what kind of migration is possible and resource recovery in public cloud services). Once we complete the analysis, you will receive a report assessing the current environment in terms of migration to the cloud (one that includes weaknesses and risks).

We will select the appropriate method for migrating resources/systems:

  • Rehost
    • Refactor
    • Revise
    • Rebuild
    • Replace

Cloud migration plan

Together with the client, we develop a migration plan that includes:

  • Assessment of resources to determine the best approach to their cloud implementation (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
  • Organizational fit
  • Plan of required competencies
  • Cloud adoption plan (e.g., using DevOps: IaaC)

Preparing for migration

Based on our project knowledge and expertise, we prepare all the necessary elements needed to start the migration.

  1. Development of an implementation model
  2. Landing zone concept
  3. Preparation of instructions and documentation
  4. Preparing a list of options for implementation


  • Proposal and preparation of migration tools
  • Migration scenarios
  • Preparation of a set of best practices


  • Rehost -> Refactor -> rebuild (change to ensure best performance and efficiency)


  • MVP
  • Monitoring for increased efficiency and effectiveness (including cost optimization)
  • Exploration in terms of investments in new business digitalization solutions


  • Enhancing security
  • Security assessment of the environment
  • Increasing the resilience of business processes and tools to security incidents


  • Establishing management standards and baselines
  • Advanced operations
  • Introducing good design and management principles.



  • Introducing appropriate rules and standards in the use of cloud resources
  • Monitoring
  • Resource compliance and ordering

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