Microsoft 365 applications

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Whether you need help with selecting the most suitable licensing model – on-prem, cloud or hybrid –prefer a red-tape-free process of signing the contract or simply look for a reliable and fast service – we’re here for you.  

As Microsoft Licensing Solution Partner, we offer the below types of Microsoft 365 licensing that you can choose from:

Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) ​

Microsoft Enterprise Agreement has for many years been one of the most frequently chosen license agreements among large and medium-sized enterprises.

How does EA work? ​

EA contract is signed for 3 years, with the possibility of renewal for another 3 years.

The contract includes special pricing conditions and software use, and additional benefits are also available.

For whom? ​

Microsoft EA suits best organizations that need an easy-to-manage volume licensing program that enables flexible purchases of cloud services and software with:

  • at least 500 users or devices​
  • public with at least 250 users or devices​
Your benefits

Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA)

The MPSA agreement is a permanent contract (which means it never expires) that allows you to purchase online services, on-prem products or both at the same time. Thanks to this, our clients have the choice to adapt the license structure to their own needs. 

How does MPSA work?

Online services can be purchased for a period of 12 months, and support (Software Assurance) for on-premises products is optional (can be purchased for 3 years). 

For whom?

MPSA is a transactional licensing agreement for commercial, government, and academic organizations with 250 or more users/devices. MPSA works best for organizations that want to license Microsoft on-premises software, cloud services, or both as needed—with no organization-wide commitment under a single, non-expiring agreement. Software Assurance is optional. 

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

Licenses purchased under CSP give service providers the right to use the software for commercial purposes. The CSP reseller will be able to offer customers products and services such as: Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Office 365, Enterprise Mobility Suite and Windows.

You can find out more about CSP here.

Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA)

Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) is a software licensing program based on monthly billing. It enables companies to provide software-related services, such as hosting and software outsourcing, without the risk of a large upfront investment.  

How does SPLA work?

SPLA fees depend on the actual use of the software in a given month. Licenses purchased under the SPLA give service providers the right to use the software for commercial purposes.