Case Study

Lizard – all-around IT support

Lizard is a company with over 25 years of experience in the IT market who provides an exceptionally wide range of services to clients. It covers: IT outsourcing, cloud migration, IT administration, helpdesk and numerous IT projects. Lizard is also a telecommunications operator specializing in Internet, telephone and network connections who serves all companies from various industries in the SMB market.

Benefits for the customers

Microsoft 365 solutions provide companies with a competitive advantage in the market. Combining the latest technology with cybersecurity is not everything. M365 packages also do not require licensing, in this way reducing the initial investment of companies. Also, they do not require hardware infrastructure, which significantly increases work flexibility and reduces the costs of implementation projects.

Lizard as an expert in implementations

To meet the needs of business customers, Lizard offers solutions in the form of Microsoft 365 subscriptions. 
They offer the user intuitive use, while ensuring the company’s security during operations at every level of the organizational structure.

Lizard – full support at every step

Lizard, as an expert in implementations, offers: