A modern intranet in as fast as a few days

Implementing a new intranet in your organization does not have to be expensive or time-consuming.

A well-designed intranet improves communication and cooperation within the organization, provides employees with easy access to key information and documents, and supports the building of organizational culture.

Modern look

In-content search

Ready to use

Information protection

Integration with Office 365

Easy editing

Learn about the key capabilities of APN Intranet


Easy entry creation, tagging information and the ability to add a comment and like section.

Contacts and structure of the organization

Convenient access to information about employees and the organization's structure.


File repository with document content search and permissions mechanism.

New employees

Information about new people in the organization.

Search engine

Quickly search intranet content and documents (Office and PDF files).

Link shop

Information about systems and applications used in the organization.


Calendar of the most important internal and external events.

Section and thematic pages

Consistent appearance of department, design and thematic websites.

APN Intranet

It contains several ready-made modules and can be expanded. Our solution is used by companies of all sizes and public institutions.

Opinion of the company where we implemented APN Intranet

"We have been looking for a long time for an intranet solution that will not only provide the expected functionalities, but will also encourage frequent use by employees with its appearance. The shortest possible implementation time and reasonable costs were also very important to us. APN Intranet met our expectations 100 percent!"

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