Modern reporting platform

APN Enterprise Reporting is a solution that allows you to create and distribute reports concerning a variety of business indicators to end users regardless of the data source or the location of the recipient.

Why implement a reporting platform in your organisation?

Revenue increase
Cost reduction

In most organisations, operational strategy and tactics are supported by four main pillars: customers, employees, products and processes. To drive change and innovation, and create new products and services, organisations need to adopt a strategy that effectively combines these areas. This will ensure that customers get the right experience, employees deliver their best performance, and operations ensure efficiency and productivity for the whole company. This concept is what ultimately enables transformation, allows you to develop your business and processes, gives you a competitive advantage and turns your organisation into a leader in its industry. It also means a large amount of various data. The analysis of this data is supported by the APN Enterprise Reporting solution.

Using the modern Microsoft Power BI, APN Enterprise Reporting makes it easy for you to collect data, create reports, share them with end users and monitor key indicators. Users can make sense of the data thanks to interactive dashboards in real time, unlocking the insights they need to conduct their business.

By improving the reporting process, users of the platform gain measurable benefits, such as:

  • increase in income,
  • reduction of costs and risk,
  • optimisation of the supply chain,
  • shorter time to market for new products and services,
  • better handling of receivables.

A reporting platform is a versatile tool for any organisation. It supports different business lines and different users. Its main use is analysing and reporting historical data. It helps users to answer the question “What happened?” The platform can also help visualise the results of advanced analytical works by presenting answers to the questions “Why did this happen?” and “What else might happen?” With its ability to embed analyses, automate and link to various applications, Power BI optimises decision-making and answers questions “What should we do?” The platform can also support the creation of plans, budgets and forecasts, giving users answers to the question “What is our plan and is it being implemented?”.

  • Managerial analysis of key performance indicators
  • Analysis of sales and margins.
  • Analysis of cash flow and receivables.
  • Analysis of customer effectiveness.
  • Analysis of marketing campaigns.
  • Analysis of investments.
  • Analysis of work safety.
  • Analysis of software compliance.
  • Analysis of production deviations.
  • Analysis of production quality.
  • Analysis of production capacity.
  • Analysis of complaints.
  • Analysis of regulatory compliance.
  • Analysis of staff turnover and absences.
  • Analysis of staffing levels.

We use the technology of the Microsoft Power BI reporting platform. Depending on the project needs, we deploy various of its components, e.g. Power BI Mobile for displaying reports on mobile devices and Power BI Gateway for connecting to local sources.

These types of projects usually start with the production of a minimum product to quickly show the benefit of the implementation. The cost can be EUR 20,000–30,000 net, depending on the scope. Our experience indicates that the vendor’s investment funds are a great support in the launch of such projects, which allow you, among others, to launch cloud subscriptions and finance the implementation partner services. As a partner with the highest competencies, we support our customers in obtaining such investment funds.