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NIS2, short for the Network and Information Systems Directive, is a set of cybersecurity regulations established by the European Union (EU). Its primary aim is to safeguard essential services and digital infrastructure from cyber threats.

NIS2 Objectives

NIS2 introduces new measures to ensure that organizations operating in or with the European Union (EU) have a high common level of network and infrastructure security.

The “directive” outlines the goals all EU member states must achieve; each country must implement it in their own law with room for some national specifics to reach these goals by October 2024. Directives are binding in terms of minimal requirements for what should be implemented.

NIS2 is the new European cybersecurity directive that will replace the existing NIS Directive starting October 2024.

It is the most comprehensive EU cybersecurity legislation to date, covering 18 sectors. 

Its purpose is to establish a baseline of security measures for digital service providers and operators of essential services, to mitigate the risk of cyber attacks and to improve the overall level of cybersecurity in the EU.

Are You Impacted By NIS2?

The guidelines outline sectors that are “highly critical” and others that are “critical” under NIS2.

According to the document, countries must provide a list of the essential entities by April 17, 2025, with updates at least every two years from there on.

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Highly Critical Sectors





Financial market infrastructure

Health sector

Drinking water

Public domain


Digital infrastructure

IT service management

Critical Sectors


Waste management


Postal and courier 

Manufcturing of medical devices

Digital providers

Research organizations

How to Ensure Compliance with NIS2?

NIS2 sets a baseline of cybersecurity risk management measures and reporting obligations. The good news is that NIS2 compliance aligns to the same Zero Trust principles addressed by Microsoft Security solutions, which can help provide a solid wall of protection against cyberattacks across the entire attack surface.



URL links



Unmanaged devices

File encryption

Compromised data


Account credentials


Workload identities

Cloud Workloads

Services stopped

Backups deleted

File encryption

Cloud Apps

App access

Data exfiltration

How we can help?

We understand the importance of cybersecurity and the need to comply with regulatory frameworks such as NIS2

Microsoft cloud-based solutions provide a secure and reliable platform for managing and securing your data and systems
With advanced threat protection capabilities, you can detect and respond to threats before they cause damage
Identity and access management solutions ensure that only authorized personnel can access your sensitive data and systems

We provides tools and guidance to help you meet the minimum measures required by NIS2, such as risk assessments, security procedures, and incident response plans

As a Microsoft partner, we can work with you to assess your current security posture and develop a customized security plan that meets your specific needs
Get peace of mind knowing that your systems and data are protected by industry-leading security solutions.

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