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Cloud Backup

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Data security is one of the key aspects of IT technologies. Implementing the right strategy can protect your company against loss of customer trust, financial losses and damage to your image.

Our offer of data backup in the cloud is addressed to companies that are currently using Microsoft 365 or Office 365 solutions and want to increase their level of data security.

Using the functions of a computing cloud (Azure or AWS) and a product of the Veeam company (Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365), we can easily implement the 3-2-1 backup rule. We protect data of Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams users.

The solution we offer is very flexible, has rich data recovery options and a low RPO value.

Another important aspect of using cloud solutions is cost optimisation as you pay only for actual use. You do not incur costs for the purchase of hardware.

Together with AWS and Veeam, we have prepared dedicated pre-production environments, where you can easily and securely test our solutions.