Move data resources from your server room to the Microsoft Azure cloud

When should you consider migrating data to the cloud?

This service is addressed to organisations for which one of the following statements is true:

  • the infrastructure stored in the server room is past the manufacturer’s support period and needs to be replaced or significantly upgraded

  • the licences used on the servers are outside the scope of the manufacturer’s support and their purchase involves an investment

  • the services used in the server room have dynamic demand characteristics for computing resources which in practice means maintaining large resource reserves in the server room

  • services used in the server room must be provided globally with required performance parameters

  • there is a need to run short-term services in the organisation whose provision requires a significant investment

The service is delivered as recommended in the Cloud Adoption Framework. The migration process is shown in the diagram on the left.


  • solving service performance, scalability and availability problems in the local server room

  • avoiding excessive investment

  • focusing the IT team on business services instead of maintenance of the system infrastructure

  • migration based on the manufacturer’s best practices

  • cooperation with APN Promise is a guarantee that the project will be completed successfully

How do we work?

Before you start migrating resources, you should conduct an assessment of the infrastructure and so define the scope of the migration project. In the next step, the required project documentation is prepared and then the resource migration project is implemented according to the adopted model.

The project can be funded under the Azure Migration Program, with APN Promise an active partner in Poland. The members of the APN team possess the required competencies and experience in similar projects. Their confirmation is their “Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure” advanced specialisation, granted by Microsoft in 2020.