Partner Training & Events

Mastering ALM with Azure DevOps & Power Platform

Discover how Azure DevOps and Power Platform are revolutionizing Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) in our upcoming webinar, focusing on enhancing collaboration, low-code solutions, automation benefits, and understanding cost structures.

Unveiling the Secrets of Power Automate

Join our webinar to embrace Power Automate, unlocking automation to boost efficiency and innovation for your business and clients in one transformative step.

Unlock Potential with Microsoft Power Apps

Join us for an exclusive webinar showcasing the power of Microsoft Power Apps, a low-code platform designed to empower you with artificial intelligence, advanced management tools, and customizable code.

Live Sessions: Morning Coffee with Copilot

Discover how Copilot can transform your cloud work in our series of 20-minute live sessions every Wednesday for 7 weeks, covering its use, optimizing business processes, and maximizing potential with practical examples. Sign up to harness Copilot in practice.