Case Study


What stands in the way of the development of Polish companies? According to statistics, one of the most frequently mentioned reasons is outdated systems and technologies, but also the lack of “know-how” in the field of technological innovations and problems with ensuring the continuity of systems or applications.

How do we avoid being left behind and yet remain competitive on the market or in the industry? According to 67% of companies, cloud computing is the main driver of technological change.

Companies that have services or products available only locally lose their competitiveness. Athenasoft is an example of maturity in the face of ubiquitous transformation.

Challenge: moving a popular application to the cloud

Athenasoft is a company providing IT systems for the construction sector. Over 25 years of experience on the market make Athenasoft programs and products extremely popular on the market.

Their flagship Norma EXPERT program is one of the most advanced cost estimation applications in Poland. Thanks to its various and varied functions, it enables the preparation of various types of cost estimates and integration with company management systems and work planning and scheduling programs.

However, as Athenasoft found out, a modern and automatic work tool is not everything. A major limitation was the availability of the program only in the on-prem version. In the era of digital transformation, such a solution is deemed conservative and not answering to the changing needs of customers.

Customer orientation, anticipating their needs and increasing the competitiveness of Athenasoft solutions on the market – these made Athenasoft decide to move to the cloud.

Benefits of moving to the cloud

This is what Athenasoft and its clients gained by moving their solution to the cloud:

Solution: Microsoft Marketplace – optimization of operations

Moving your solution to the cloud is one step. The second is to optimize the value of this investment. The third is cloud infrastructure management. For the full success of the project, we suggested using the Microsoft trading platform. Thanks to this, Athenasoft can gain new sales channels, convenience (thanks to the availability of all cloud services), and increased business scalability.

Why Microsoft Marketplace? The choice was obvious. Athenasoft has been a long-time Microsoft Partner and has consciously decided to take advantage of its reach, comprehensive support, stability and the fact that it is developing dynamically.

Why APN Promise

We are proud to have partnered with Athenasoft as they migrated their flagship solution to the cloud. This is a great recognition for us. Athenasoft is our Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partner, and we were happy to help thanks to ourextensive specialization as a certified reseller of Azure platform solutions for independent software vendors (ISVs).