Security and IT infrastructure safety reviews in your organization

Progressing digitalisation and transfer of data to the cloud make protection of a company’s sensitive data one of the key elements of conducting responsible business. Minimising the risk of cyber attacks and possessing up-to-date knowledge of prevention options should be included in an organisation’s strategy.

Using dedicated tools and the years of experience of our specialists, we are able to provide ongoing control of your company’s security levels.

Discover the best tools
for security reviews

Log Analytics

A centralised, yet secure and highly accessible data storage facility with an interface for advanced analysis and visualisation.

Log Analytics is a service that provides a range of functions for collecting and storing data from multiple infrastructure and service locations within an organisation. You can create queries to retrieve information, sort it and analyse it using advanced analytical queries with visualisation of the results. The service is available on the Azure portal.

Using this tool opens the way to a number of other services that will allow you to gain a comprehensive view of data you collected. You can use other services to send e-mails with notifications about the state of the environment, detected threats, or lack of activity of servers and services.

It is possible to integrate it with services such as Azure Monitor, Azure Sentinel, and Defender for Cloud.

Microsoft Secure Score

Secure Score is an advanced tool for analysing security in a company.

It allows you to determine the security level of a given service. The score is expressed as a percentage, e.g. 100% = maximum level. The indicators and guidelines that are used in this service allow organisations to track security trends and ensure that services meet the requirements of Microsoft’s best practices.

The Secure Score service monitors the organisation on a continuous basis and reports on the security status of services and infrastructure. The service is divided into several categories such as Devices, Identity, Applications, Network and many more. Currently, Secure Score includes products such as:

  • Microsoft 365 (with Exchange Online),
  • Entra ID, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint,
  • Microsoft Defender for Identity,
  • Defender for Cloud Apps,
  • Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft has said that more products will soon be added to this list. Secure Score as a Service is available for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

Benefits of implementation

Integration with Power BI, which gives you endless possibilities for reporting and visualisation of the security status.

Integration with public cloud providers AWS and GCP allows you to track the security status of other services in Multi-Cloud mode.

Comparing the security status of your organisation with that of other companies.

Evaluating each analysis with prioritisation and guidance on which areas to deal with first.