Our vision

The aim of our cooperation is to inspire people and companies to achieve their potential, meet their business needs and support them in achieving their goals.

At work – as in business

We care about communication

Both within teams and in manager-worker relationships.

We are responsible

No matter what we do, we are accountable for it and we admit to any mistakes to learn from them.

We are committed

Passion is what drives us and makes us go an extra mile.

We trust each other

Our teamwork is based on mutual trust and transparency.

We respect each other

There is no place for discrimination, prejudices, antagonisms.

Our standard recruitment process

1. HR interview – telephone screening
After reviewing your CV, we get in touch with you to talk about your concerns, expectations, and our cooperation. We give you the details regarding the role position and present the profile of the person we are looking for.

2. Substantive/technical meeting with your future supervisor
We talk about your technical and/ or project skills and capabilities. The manager is here to answer all your questions.

3. Online meeting/F2F conversation with the department manager
We invite you to the office for a relaxed meeting and a coffee. See how we work. Meet us in person.

4.Submitting offers
We negotiate the best terms of cooperation. We make sure that both parties are satisfied with the final decision.

What you are looking for? Maybe we are looking for you?
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