Low-code and easily scalable application design and deployment

The priority for a user of a tool is its reliability and low maintenance cost. From the solution provider’s point of view, the most important thing is that once the solution has been produced, it can be easily replicated and no costly corrections are needed.

An excellent solution for customers and service providers is to use applications developed within the Power Platform. It is a low-code platform, which is characterised by the creation of process-oriented solutions with a minimum use of code. Therefore no programming knowledge is required – the solution is easily scalable and can evolve together with changes in the organisation’s processes.

Low-code solutions can be developed together with the business department, in workshop form. While the process is being discussed or digitalised, a solution is created. With this approach, users discuss changes in real time and influence the final product.

Benefits of implementation

Significant acceleration of project implementation

High flexibility, many changes can be introduced

Easy integration with third-party applications

Lower implementation and maintenance costs

Easy, graphical modelling of processes

Increased productivity through reduced usage of IT resources