APN InTouch

More efficient communication in your company

APN InTouch will provide you

Reliable and quick contact

Always up-to-date contact details for employees

Access on any device: in Outlook, on a laptop, tablet and smartphone as well as in web applications

Automatic updates

All changes are made automatically

A change in the contact database is visible in the employee's book within one day

Order in addresses

Using your address book will be easier than you think when it contains only important contacts

You define which contacts will be included in employees' address books

How does APN InTouch work?

Works with Entra ID

Works with Exchange 2013-2019 and Exchange Online

Administration using the web interface

Setup in about 30 minutes

What you get

You provide your employees with an always up-to-date database of company contacts

You save your employees work and time on rewriting contact details

You improve communication between employees

You can sort contacts that should be included in employee address books (e.g. by department)

3 signs that you would benefit from using InTouch.

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