Jun 19 2024


10:00 - 11:00

Mastering ALM with Azure DevOps & Power Platform

Date: 19.06.2024   |   Time: 10:00 – 11:00 (CEST)

In an era where technology dictates business success, mastering Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) has become indispensable. Join us for a pivotal webinar that dives deep into how Azure DevOps and Power Platform are redefining ALM, ensuring seamless development, deployment, and management of software applications.

Key Insights You’ll Gain:

  • The critical role of ALM in modern business
  • Enhancements in team collaboration and delivery speed through Azure DevOps
  • How Power Platform revolutionizes ALM with low-code options
  • The distinction and impact of unmanaged versus managed solutions
  • Automation benefits of using Azure DevOps pipelines
  • The cost structure and licensing details for Azure DevOps and Power Platform


  1. Introduction
  2. A few words about Azure DevOps
  3. ALM with Power Platform
  4. What goes into a solution?
  5. What are unmanaged and managed solutions?
  6. Pipelines simplifies ALM for all makers
  7. How much will I pay for it? A few words about the license
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