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As Apple reseller and integrator of innovative technologies, we offer you software, hardware and services. To streamline your business. To secure it. To make it modern.

Why use Apple for your business?

Smoother experience for users. Increased productivity. Easy upkeep. Why companies choose Apple?

Reduced data breach risk by 50%

With macOs, you get less malware and data fraud risk than with Windows.

Less turnover and more savings

Macs last longer than Windows machines. Average savings: up to $800 thanks to the longer lifespan.

Less support needed

No need to worry about virus definitions, system patches, etc.

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

There is no need to purchase additional licensing for the OS license or for software maintenance.

Better compatibility

Seamless transition from company Mac to personal iPhone. And all data stays intact with services like Apple Business Manager.

Apple Business Manager

Deploy and manage with ease

Automated Device Enrollment

Allows organizations to streamline deployments: When users get a new device (or one that’s been erased), they are guided to enroll that device in the organization’s MDM solution during Setup Assistant and then it receives its configurations and settings.

Pros: There’s no need for IT to manually configure devices before users receive them; users start them up, and they seem to configure themselves.

User management

With ABM, you can manage Apple IDs for your users. These are known—plainly enough—as Managed Apple IDs.

Pros: Managed Apple IDs can coexist with personal Apple IDs or iCloud accounts on devices. And Apple IDs allow your organization to integrate Apple services with your existing infrastructure. And you still keep full control over the accounts.

Volume Purchase Apps

Users with the proper role in Apple Business Manager (see below) can acquire apps from the App Store (or Custom Apps from developers) and distribute them to devices with the help of an MDM solution. The organization always maintains full control over those licenses.

Pros: App licenses you obtain through Apple Business Manager do not require the end user to have an Apple ID. Also, you can buy as many licenses as you need.


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